Consistency is Key to Successful Blog

I read a lot, which means that every single day I am introduced to articles on new blogs. It is great to see quality content all over the web, but as often as I see quality, I also see a problem. The problem is with consistency. I will try make you understand why and give you some tips for becoming more consistent with your blog writing.

The thing is, that Google crawls your website in order to set your rank. When it does so, it surfs around on your website and gather information. When it does, we want to have informations for it. Because google spiders likes to see new, unique and high quality content. I will teach you about the actual content another time. We have to post frequently or else our ranking will slowly decrease because Google sees our website as if it was dead or at least inactive.

This is not just important to rank in Google. As a marketer, when I stumble upon a nice article with creative and high quality content, I often surf around on the website. 6/10 of the blogs have success because they turn out to be active with high quality content, that are very useful, published consistently. The last 4/10 have high quality but they do not post anymore or at least not very often. In my eyes, it is stupid to waste the success that you were in the making of. Especially when you are on a good run. Also, you will build yourself some authority in you niche of the market, which is very important. If most of your content is instructive, people who are interested in the niche will tend to follow you, so if you consistenly post new content that they keep on liking, you will build a nice userbase. This is good for loads of things as you can imagine. Let us move on to a few tips to get you going with consistent content. Here are some other good things and tips to help you make a successful blog.

Scheduled Posts

One of the most important features that most of the blogging engines has, is the opportunity to schedule your posts. I think that every blogger should use this. Set yourself a goal, that you can achieve of how frequently new posts should be posted on your blog. In my case, I think that every 4th day is good. I get content out for the crawlers and my users, but I can also relax and put time into my content, which it needs to be good. Maybe you really feel like writing one day and you make 3 quality posts. Schedule them and you have content for 12 days. It is always a good idea to be ahead of the schedule.

Generates Traffic

Another great thing about posting frequently is, that it generates you more traffic. As mentioned before, Google likes the active high quality blogs and as you build more and more articles and get the indexed on Google, the amount of traffic will grow exponentially since your older posts would still be able to generate traffic. This is another thing I love about it. With time and consistency comes success. I do not think that I could state the answer of that question any better than that.

Powerful Brand

Another advantage consistent blogging gives you is, that you will get taken seriously. You will make a good impression. This impression tells your visitors or users, that you are here to stay. Remember that you should not hide who you are and what you are doing. Make them remember the name like Fort Minor and Heisenberg did. Make sure to keep the flame, but also get some time away from your blog. If you are working with it 24/7 extremely motived, chances are, that you will lose that motivation faster than if you posted every 4th day. When you are consistent with your blogging, your brand will seem appealing to new readers and remain relevant for the ones you already have.

To sum up, if you want success with your blog, you need to be active. Build more and more quality content and strenghten your brand as much as possible if you want to make it a business and appeal to your visitors.

If you have any questions or success stories, let me know in the comments section. It might be a motivation or an eyeopener for a blogger in need of it.

Youtube Rank 1 in 24 hours

Today I will be sharing a sneaky little trick to get your video to rank #1 on any low-medium competition keyword in 24 hours on YouTube. You will stay in rank #1 on your keyword for some time, but once your video loses its freshness, your rank will go back to normal. You can only do this with new uploads though, so make a new video and get ready for getting Youtube Rank #1 on your keyword in just about 24 hours.

Upload your Video
The first thing is the process is of course to upload your video. Make sure that your main keyword is included in the title. The closer to the beginning of the title, the better. Add a unique, high quality description of 200-400 words that contains your keyword where it is possible.
By far the most important step is to make your video unlisted. We want to surprise the Youtube algorithm with our new, fresh and popular video.

Boosting your Video
The next thing, that we need to do, is get ourselves some Youtube Views. Most services are unstable at the moment, but I figured a good place to order Youtube Views without paying too much.

If you do not want to pay for quality Youtube Views, you can also use sites like Enhance Views.
This method is free, but it is more unstable and costs a lot of time. I prefer investing about $30 in 10,000 views.

The next thing we want is a little interaction on our video before it goes live. We will use some of the above mentioned services to get ourselves some likes and relevant comments on the Youtube video. This will make our video look way more credible once Youtube checks it out.

Publishing the Video
Now to what you have all been waiting for. We have received the Youtube views and added a few likes and comments to our video. It is time to go! Make sure you have targeted your keyword well. Set the video to public and give a search on your keyword. If done right, you should see your video as the first one showing up. Ranking #1 on Youtube on your keyword!

Keeping the Video at rank #1
There are several things we can do to make sure our video does not lose it”s “freshness juice”. If we rank high, we should of course get some views on our video, but as mentioned earlier, if the video isn”t really getting any views or interaction, it will slowly lose it”s rank and fall down the list again.

Boost the Youtube video views once in a while to make sure, that you keep your position, because now it is not time to be a fresh video anymore. It is time to be a video with lots of interaction and views. Keep it realistic and credible though.

Boosting the comments and likes are also very important, since you likes the content, that it”s users seems to be interested in, so remember to do this once in a while too. The best thing is to spread the comments and likes out so it looks realistic.

Now it is time to get yourself some social signals to show Youtube, that this video is also jumping around on the social medias. This can be done very cheap. Just head over to Fiverr and order a gig that drip feeds your video with social signals. about 30-50 social signals of nice quality will do just fine.

How To Make Money with Facebook Pages

In a world where social media is becoming the most dominating part of the web, it is idiotic to overlook it as a marketer. Especially Facebook holds the most traffic. Businesses are using it too, and with great benefits. Facebook Pages are one of the most powerful ways to make a steady income with Facebook. Let me explain, why pages are so powerful.

With Facebook Pages, you have the possibility of reaching huge amounts of people. Viral content are becoming normal these days and that is exactly what is needed to grow a page. Also, it is extremely fast to post an update and there is even lots of different websites on the web, that offers you to scedule several posts at once.

In this article, I will teach you an unsaturated way to earn money from your Facebook Pages. Keep in mind, that as it is with anything in the marketing world, you need traffic to generate cash, so the amount of cash that you can make, depends a lot on the activity on your page.

We will be using Viral Video Advertisements to monetize our page. It is fairly simple – It is an advertisement from a company that promotes something but it is done in an interesting way and sometimes it may even go viral. Imagine sharing a video that earns you $0.04 to your 200.000 Facebook fans. Let us say, that 1% of those watches the video and it gets spread out to an additional 500 people.

200.000 / 100 = 2.000
 2.000 + 500 = 2.500
2.500 * 0,04 = $100

$100 per share? That is some amazing earnings! There are many different Viral Video Advertisement networks, but I want to let you in on a specific one, that actually pay these rates. Please share this below to get the link.

I will now teach you a few things you can do, to help increasing your revenue without damaging your page.

Tips to Increase Facebook Page Earnings

Do not spam videos
This is a real killer. You have to think long term if you really want to success. Maybe you could earn $500 today and be left with a destroyed page, but how does $10.000 over a year sound? Good to me, at least.

Post 3-5 a day – Maximum 1 Ad
It is important to keep your page active, but it is just as important not to irritate your fans. There is a limit for everything and that goes for Facebook pages too. On my pages, I prefer to make 3-5 posts a day, that are all relevant. On top of that, I usually share a Viral Video Advertisement one time a day. No more. I have personally done research and I see that my pages grows the most, if I make 3-5 posts a day, but the exact number also comes down to your niche, so try it out and see what works best for you. But as a fact, I can state, that you can both post too much or too little.

Only post the Advertisements you like
Before posting an advertisement, think to yourself: “Would I enjoy watching this?” If not, leave it. If yes, go for it! the idea is, to actually get your fanbase interested in these videos you post. So only take the ones with the best message or the ones that are really awesome and make you laugh.

Do not repost advertisements
Though it can be tempting if you had success previously, you should not post the same content twice on a page. People do not want to be stuck watching the same things day after day. This can be done with success, but in general it will just look spammy and some people will probably leave your Facebook page because you keep sending out the same content.

If you have any further questions that you want to ask me about, then please do not hestitate to let me know below in the comments section!

The Best Social Bookmark Footprints List of 2014

The-Best-Social-Bookmark-Footprints-List-of-2014When building Social Bookmarks, it is important to stay unique and stay away from websites, that has already been spammed to death. The biggest and probably most important thing to ensure, that you get the highest quality of Social Bookmark backlinks to your site, is using quality Footprints, that targets the best current platforms.

As a ScrapeBox user, I can definitely tell you, that without the perfect footprint list, you will not have any real use of the software. At least not anything near to what it can perform. You might think, that ScrapeBox does a great job just scraping from your keywords, and so it does, but the thing is, we do not want to end up together with the same 50.000 spammers, that are not any smarter than us. We want Google to love us. We want to make it think, that we are of the highest quality. Therefore we need the highest quality backlinks. Social Bookmarks does the job very well in a combination of other links.

Using quality footprints, you are already one step ahead of at least 50% of the other marketers out there struggling to get the perfect Social Bookmarking list.

So what is a footprint?
A footprint is a pre-defined search query, that targets specific engine/platforms.
Let me explain why this comes in handy for us. We could scrape thousands of pages with our keywords and get results, but with footprints, we can make sure not to waste our time and only get quality links that actually fit with the platforms that we need. Footprints are not only for Social Bookmarking links, but that is what we focus on in this article.

Let us get on to the interesting part, you have all been waiting for.
I have handpicked some of my favourite footprints for social bookmarking links and it is updated to go perfectly with the newest versions of the platforms/engines. This is the footprint list that I personally use. I want to give back to the internet, since it have given me so much too.

All right, this was everything for now. If you have any questions, I will be happy to do my best at coming with a qualified answer.
Do not forget to keep going. Getting the first spot in Google is not easy, especially not with the extremely huge competition now a days, but if you keep on creating quality content for both humans and Google to enjoy, you will get there and be happy for every single thing you did.

Rasmus out, stay tuned for more babbling about Social Media, Marketing & SEO.